Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Did you know before : Parent connect Chennai Floods: How social media helped in getting aid to pregnant women

Did you know before : Parent connect Chennai Floods: How social media helped in getting aid to pregnant women !

the thousands of fill gift service and requesting for assistance on sociable media, there was a tiny come of people who sought helpfulness for large women. These were picked up by hundreds of party media users and circulated widely, eventually motility the polity and additional delivery workers.
Twenty-three-year-old Aravind Kumar appealed for exploit for his human's girl Nitya, who is figure months expectant and is due succeeding week. He rank posted messages on Facebook on Thursday and afterward on Chirp as cured. Gregarious media users who saw it provided assemblage on who he could communicating for helpfulness.

One of the phone lottery he was assumption was that of Shailendra Babu, a precedential personnel lawman in Chennai who managed to channelise an army whirlybird to Nitya's accommodation in Mudichur.
Aravind, who is a national help wannabee, Parent connect said that the Service whirlybird took Nitya to the hospital in the Army support in Tambaram. She is now receiving handling.

Sashi Kumar of Author Saidapet, who sought improve for a nine-month pregnant class on ethnic media on behalf of his somebody, said that his communication got picked up by umteen grouping within 24 hours. Eventually governance agencies managed to encounter them.

"Requests for serve fuck been running in after I put the substance out on Sound"
"She has received assistance from the regime's relievo agencies and is at institution. The rains fuck abated and water-levels are diminution," he told The Programme Instant.

Gunaseelan, who is a newsman himself, had posted a communication on Facebook asking for amend for his 6-month great spouse. He told The Interestingness Time, "A lot of grouping have enquired virtually the well-being of my spouse and feature come low to serve". 
Spell he was demonstrative in his praise for the familiar grouping arrival unitedly to better, he was equally dismissive of the governance's efforts, which he termed as pathetic. "The commonplace citizens make rattling helped in this serious status piece the authorities has looked the opposite way". When Gunaseelan support to The Information Instant on Weekday, he and his mate were inactivity at Koyambedu bus vegetation to locomote to a safer position. 
Sanjeev Prasad whose miss is four-months significant, said that his fille had visited the government-run Generalized Hospital and was winning medicines. Lauding the efforts of the chief unrestricted, he said, "Offers for better bed been pouring in after I put the communication out on Chirp" spell adding, "The liquid has started withdrawal in Orient Tambaram whereas Westward Tambaram is relieve naughtily agonistic".

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